How to choose right web hosting ?

By: Cubosale

Nowadays all applications are online so everyone searches for a server or a person who is expertise in choosing one for the requirement. You need to find a perfect match of your retirements not only that you also need to make sure that you will be getting a decent support from the provider. Even if it is AWS (Amazon web Services)  if you are not getting support then there is no use in choosing them. Below are the few important points that need to be consider while chossing server.

Based on your Requirement:

Choosing hosting server depends upon the requirement. Say you need to host a website which is expecting to have a medium traffic with the medium text content and media (Videos, Images) content, then you can go for shared hosting or vps hosting, I will write down in detail what can you get from share or vps ..

The 4 vital factors to be considered for hosting

  • Price
  • Support
  • Storage
  • Performance


Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is good for basic website mostly static ie it will stay idle all the time , it has no regular updates or the website doesn’t load a huge content. Shared hosting is similar to a room shared by many people, if the people gets increased then it will be congested similarly the loading and performance will be affected if the provider allocates the same server for more number of customers.

You can very much see the performance of a website or an application by seeing the loading time. By seeing this you can somehow predict whether the server is sufficient for you or do you need to upgrade.



  • The most advantageous fact is the cost, yes shared hosting is available for very low cost.
  • If you are aware of the cpanel usability then you might not need the support , using cpanel you can manage your application or website very well.


  • Usually the shared hosting will provide less space and less bandwidth even though they claim to provide more , when they accommodate more number of sites in the same server depending upon the load and traffic the system crashes.
  • We can have performance problem when we do not know the kind of traffic our site  is going to produce


VPS Hosting for High Traffic Sites

VPS hosting is Virtual private server that is choosed when we expect a high traffic and more bandwidth for a site. It acts as a dedicated server, the concept behind VPS is the server is divided in to virtual machines which will be acting as a individual server.

Customers who need more control of their server and expect a high performance and loading time thy opt for VPS.



  • You have a full control over the server and you get root level access too.
  • You can configure the server to the full extent
  • Best performance and loading time



  • The person should have good hosting knowledge to control the VPS server if he lags in knowledge then he will not be able to manage it.
  • VPS are costly when compared to shared.


Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is required for large applications or multiple applications where the user actually rents the whole server or physical machine. The user can go for this when he needs to match the above criteria where he can expect high performance, flexibility and he can fully customize it.


  • High performance
  • Completely customizable software and hardware.



High cost
Requires more knowledge to manage this.



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