How to choose a Web Developer

By: cubosale
Web Development


The world is getting online, yes you will agree to what I say. We have 10 out of 8 applications online and the rest is on the way. For making things online(content can be browse using internet) we need web developers.

The best and quality web developers should be rightly identified, how can we choose? For this I am going to share my thoughts which might help you in identifying the correct web developer for your requirement.

Simple Website Development and the cost :

Today we have many tools (word press, joomla, shopify, wix etc) using which we can build the website very easily without knowing anything about code. But when it comes to customization, according to our requirement, we need a web developer.

As a first thing you have to define your requirement then you can choose a web developer for the job. A website can be build using HTML, CSS, Javascript and if it is dynamic you can use the open source language PHP. For this we can look for website developer with below qualities

  • 2 to 3 years of experience in building various websites
  • Hands of experience in HTML5, CSS, Javascript , PHP, Mysql
  • Prominent in using any of the latest PHP framework like Laravel, Cake PHP, Zend , Symfony
  • You can hire a freelancer for 10 - 15 USD / Hr, if your website requires a basic elements then it can be completed in 40 – 50 hrs.


Customized Website Development and the approximate budget:

If you would like to have a customized website then you need a web developer who can fulfill your requirement in addition to it he should feed you with more elegant ideas from his experience. For this you need a web developer with experience 5-7 years, with above skills and proficiency. You can get a freelancer for 25 – 40 USD/ hr and the estimate of completion depends on your requirement.


How we can judge the correct Web Developer for our requirement

Please do not interact with a business development executive about your requirement because he do not know the skills of architecting ie the way your system is going to be build. Talk to the technical guy who will be behind the development of your system, he will promise what he can deliver.

More than one solution: Web developer who is going to take care of your requirement should be able to give you at least 3 solutions or ways of building your system. By getting many options you can immediately judge his experience and choose the best.


Wearing Customer Shoe: The developer should quickly grab all the details and attain a view point of yours then he can enhaunce the thoughts according to his experience. By doing this he can very much get your view point and work accordingly to build it.

Do not go for most economical one: Always we tend to choose the most economical one, well that’s not the correct way to choose. First thing we need to get convinced with the knowledge, hands on experience and solution giving ability of the web developer, if we have more options of this cadre and quality then we can choose most economical one. In summary we need to go for the correct web developer using the above strategies, all the best.



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