How to choose a domain name? 5 Useful tips to buy a domain

By: Cubosale
Web Development

Today everything gets digitized henceforth it would bring more value when you name it correctly. You have to spend a quality time in choosing a domain name which can be suggested by numerous tools available that can give name suggestions according to your needs.


Quick steps to find your exact match


  • Find a reliable domain registrar who has a good, reliable history.
  • Find a domain names suggestion tool to get an idea of names
  • Choose a 3 or 4 names which match exactly your business or service
  • Ask your closed ones if that fulfills your needs
  • Finalize the domain and order


Tips to consider before buying a domain


Start with your business or service name:

If you don’t know how to choose domain then think of words related to your business or service. The domain name is worth if it relates to your business. Contradictory is if you see some familiar domains like alibaba or amazon doesn’t really indicate by  name what they are referring, these are exceptional cases who got familiar by marketing the domain and creative ideas.


Tools that will help:

Most of the domains that has  general word would have been taken already for eg if you are doing a beauty parlour business and looking for a domain related to it then when you search for related words most of them would have been taken , don’t panic, you have various tools giving name suggestion, explore it and make use of it.


Domain extension that matters

There are lot of extension for domains like .com, .org, .net, .edu , .tk , .info etc. Extension .com is a common and most popular extension name, you can always take this as a priority,  If you belong to certain country and you likely to do business in that country then go for country bound extensions like .sg,.my,.uk.. If you are name specific but not getting domains in preferred extensions then go for other extensions.


Should be easily readable or type able

The domain names which you select should be easy to type or read. Most of the familiar websites are in one word for eg google, facebook, twitter which is easy catch for people which can get easily registered in people mind. But single word domains would have been already taken in that case you can go for two words healthcare, mastermind, motorbusiness etc



You have to avoid special character or numbers in domain name. Choose a name which can get easily register in mind and easy to type as said above. Think if you are using a health-care then when you try to spread the domain then people who are hearing it will type without hyphen and get somewhere else.

Also you have to avoid selecting which resemble some bigger brands like you cannot have domains like facbook, amzon, twter which might lead you in big trouble.



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