Dashboard - Billing Software

  • Dashboard elements will give complete analysis of your business.
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Top Selling product, Top supplier payments
  • Customers outstanding payment, MOL stock products
  • Zero selling products, Sales by Month, Product Delivery Report

POS - Cubo Bill Pro

  • POS screen is tuned for high performance and simple process
  • Tag no for each product can be assigned and searched
  • Clients can be mapped to the bills seamlessly.
  • Billing software applied for retail shops, restaurant, bakery, hardware shops and wholesale shops.
  • Orders can be cancelled and can also made pending and reopened when required.

Purchase Order, Stock Management System

  • Automated inventory management without manual entry.
  • Instant addition of sales and purchase including damaged quantity.
  • Minimum order levels easily tracked and products grouped.
  • All the sales and purchase history of a product displayed in one page.
  • Supplier payment can be made with ease for multiple purchase order from supplier.

Client Management and Reports

  • Client can be managed in an efficient way, their outstanding accumulated instantly.
  • Daily collection report, detail collection per billing is accurately available.
  • Sales by Month, Sale by year is available for revenue analysis.
  • Stock Report as per date, Price Track report to monitor the price hike from supplier is also available.
  • Supplier payment report and client outstanding reports are generated easily.


  • simply-islam

    We are very pleased with the service and technical support from Universal Software Solutions Pte Ltd. I highly recommend Cubo SMS Software and services to anyone looking for a new provider to manage the school/college/institute.

  • east-coast-physio

    On behalf of East Coast Physiotherapy, please accept my appreciation for the excellent job you have done whether its in Software Maintenance or any kind of Systems related issues. It was an enormous undertaking but went smoothly and efficiently!