Dashboard - Billing Software

  • Dashboard elements will give complete analysis of your business.
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Top Selling product, Top supplier payments
  • Customers outstanding payment, MOL stock products
  • Zero selling products, Sales by Month, Product Delivery Report

POS - Cubo Bill Pro

  • POS screen is tuned for high performance and simple process
  • Tag no for each product can be assigned and searched
  • Clients can be mapped to the bills seamlessly.
  • Billing software applied for retail shops, restaurant, bakery, hardware shops and wholesale shops.
  • Orders can be cancelled and can also made pending and reopened when required.

Purchase Order, Stock Management System

  • Automated inventory management without manual entry.
  • Instant addition of sales and purchase including damaged quantity.
  • Minimum order levels easily tracked and products grouped.
  • All the sales and purchase history of a product displayed in one page.
  • Supplier payment can be made with ease for multiple purchase order from supplier.

Client Management and Reports

  • Client can be managed in an efficient way, their outstanding accumulated instantly.
  • Daily collection report, detail collection per billing is accurately available.
  • Sales by Month, Sale by year is available for revenue analysis.
  • Stock Report as per date, Price Track report to monitor the price hike from supplier is also available.
  • Supplier payment report and client outstanding reports are generated easily.


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