What is Smart-Construction CRM

Smart-Construction CRM (Customer Relationship Management), crm software is a term that refers to practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions, business management and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers.


  • Seamless process with automation reducing errors and workload.
  • Range of assessment tools for decision making.
  • User Notifications as per Job assigned.
  • Based on SaaS model and available 24*7
  • SMS and Email notifications.
  • Best Customer support pre and post sales.
  • Most user friendly, ready to use & no installation required.
  • Integrate with any of our ready to use Softwares




  • Precise and user friendly Tender tracking.
  • Smart reminders to submit well before deadline.
  • Pre-built decision making tools for best tendering.
  • Automated process flow after tender awarded.
  • System generated tender format with error free data submission.
  • Flexible and multi-option quote management.



  • Monitor Materials at Projects for effective usage.
  • Reduce wastage and mis-management of Materials.
  • Track Machinary in Projects and schedule its usage.
  • Transfer Materials from Factory to Projects.
  • Track delivery of Materials in Projects and Material used.
  • Smart alert when Materials are low in stock.

cubsale material management



  • Track Suppliers and Sub Contractors efficently.
  • Streamlined process-flow for Supplier PO and Work Order.
  • No over-awarding of Tasks to multiple Sub Contractors.
  • Automated Supplier confirmation and PO generation.
  • Grouping PO based on Suppliers and their confirmed materials.
  • User based access for efficent Purchase Ordering process.


  • Smart tracking tool to monitor all the tasks related the Project.
  • Monitor manpower used based on the scheduled planner.
  • Keep track of material and operational budget for better Management.
  • Intuitive grapics to alert in variation of planner.
  • Best decision making tool for Project Managers and Administrative personnel.

cubosale report



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    We are very pleased with the service and technical support from Universal Software Solutions Pte Ltd. I highly recommend Cubo SMS Software and services to anyone looking for a new provider to manage the school/college/institute.

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    Universal Software Solutions Pte Ltd have done and closed the job ahead of the committed timeline, which is very much appreciated. Thank you for the professional and technical support. We look forward to be working with you again in future, if there is a need for your services.