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Everyone needs an online presence in today's world. So web design and web delveiopment should be given more importance before getting implemented. The web design should be simple with a theme which should clearly indicate the user about what you are trying to convey.

We have a decade experience creating number of websites ranging from simple to ecommerce site. Please check our portfolio below which would give some idea of our expertise.



We need to consider various factors before getting in to web design and development.

Purpose of the Site: Design your website to sovle your purpose. User entering in to the site should get all  information he is looking for about what you do or what you offer. Instead of trying to make the website attractive please focus on, how could the user benefit visiting your website.

Usability: Usability is very important for a web design. Usability simply means how you take the users and make them more interactive with site providing maximum information they are looking for. Users should easily navigate through out the site. The web design should be made in such a way , at one view, it should provide the entire navigation elements. Please find some usablity guidelines by google



Responsive Design : We all know everyday there is a great increase in the number of users for smart phone and tablets. So mostly people prefer to do their task through smart phoneon the go, thatsaid it is very mandatory to make your site responsive regardless of the device. Search engines also insist the page to be responsive, else demerits the website as the user finds difficult with a non responsive site. Some more information from forbes for importance of responsive design.

Search Engine Optimisation : SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is very important to convert the users to prospects. It gives you top rankings for the keywords searched, so that the users can find you and have more opportunity to buy your product and avail your offers. It is always recommended to do SEO before launching your site. speaks about why search engine optimsation is important.

Quality Content: The content of the website should be more informative and simple. It should provide all information of what is the website about. Please make sure that you have your own original content as search engines demerits your site for using duplicate content.

Please find few of our web design projects..



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